Wednesday is "Class Color Day" for JH and HS. Elementary students is "Dress Your Best" (Picture Day).

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Boys' Basketball

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About our Basketball Program

Lomega Public Schools boasts basketball teams that bring immense pride to our institution, showcasing exceptional achievements throughout the years. With a blend of inherent talent, unwavering determination, and expert coaching, both the boys’ and girls’ teams have consistently risen above expectations on the court. The team’s passion for the sport, coupled with an unrelenting work ethic, has propelled them to triumph in regional and state competitions, firmly establishing Lomega as a basketball powerhouse.

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Lomega Public Schools’ Skordle page is the sole source for live, high-quality footage of your favorite athletic moments.

Lomega High School Coaching Staff

Justin Edsall

Boys' Basketball Coach

Bowan Nyberg

Assistant Boys' Basketball Coach

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Lomega Public Schools

Omega, OK

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